Making Mindful Resolutions

Research shows that a large percentage of people make New Year’s resolutions and only a small percentage achieve them. Mindfully observing our life from a nonjudgmental place, will allow us to examine where we can grow and acknowledge where we have grown. The new year brings both challenges AND opportunities. With those challenges and opportunities in mind, mindful reflection can be a powerful tool. Reflecting on how you may or may not be living out your values in your life, can aid in redirecting personal efforts in order to make them more fruitful and repurpose energy to facilitate change.

Some questions to consider as you move into 2019:

  1. What are my takeaways and challenges from 2018? What did I learn from them?
  2. What areas of my life do I want to focus on more?
  3. What are my hopes for 2019?

As you walk into the New Year and refocus for the year ahead, it takes time to create new habits. Research shows us that we can learn new behaviors and create new healthy and helpful patterns. This change takes effort! Acceptance of what is can guide the way to change what we want.

Set yourself up for success and not failure! When we set unrealistic goals initially, we can quickly feel discouraged when we do not attain them. A runner doesn’t start training for a marathon by running 26.2 miles, but first sets realistic goals that are challenging and achievable. When moving towards change, we can be nonjudgmental and mindful for each step.

Each major milestone in life takes steps. These steps are both small and significant!

Celebrate these milestones and be mindful of progress. Struggles don’t define us.


Lauren Dunn MS, LPC