Our Successes

“The counsel I received was not only practical, but biblical. That has been crucial to the continued success in my battle with depression. I now know that I'm not any less of a Christian because of my struggle, and that I can boast all the more in who Christ is and His greatness in my life because of my weaknesses."

"Prior to learning DBT skills, I would lash out at my family and soon saw that my sister was following my behavior. Now that I know ways to calm down, my family interactions are so much healthier and my sister has begun to respond in calmer ways as well."

"One of the most powerful skills I have learned so far in DBT is the power of 'and.' I can feel two opposing things at once, for instance. I can be sad and safe at the same time. I can feel lonely and not be alone simultaneously. Life is complex. A "both/and" way to describe my experiences tend to be much more accurate and helpful than "either/or."

"DBT taught me to live effectively with my social anxiety. In six months my relationships with family and friends improved. I got through my inertia to pursuing a better job and actually got a better one than I have ever had before. I am finally paying off my debts and will soon be able to move out of my parents' house."

"After going through the DBT skills group I learned how to live life without the constant chaos. And instead a life worth living."

"At restoration I am listened to and heard. I know I am accepted and do not have to fear being judged."

"I now know how to live now without being constantly anxious.”